It owns some of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya.

Located southeast of the Mexican Republic, in the State of Quintana Roo, Tulum stands out as a spectacular wedding destination, it owns vegetation, sand, and sea, in addition to a National Park, which main objective is to benefit their community, protecting a reserve of the biosphere that has mangroves and cenotes in which inhabits with flower and fauna which is so tied to the Mayan culture.

It holds an important archaeological zone which was a ceremonial center of the Mayans, which is also very well preserved and where we find that the main building, called “El Castillo”, is built on a cave, on a cliff with a wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea.

The city received in the antiquity the name of Zamá, whose meaning in Mayan is “dawn”; the name of Tulum means “wall” and was, thanks to it, how Mayans managed to keep safe, for some years, from the Spanish conquerors. The first name is not strange because it is precisely the sunrise on the beach of Tulum, one of the most beautiful aspects of the experience in this wonderful place and the ideal scenario to take some amazing wedding pictures.

These cenotes, that the ancient Mayans considered sacred places and the entrance to the underworld, where they had practiced rituals and ceremonies, where nowadays people can dive, in addition to snorkeling in those less deep. It is in these beautiful scenarios where we make magical images to produce the best wedding cinematography and videography.

At Tulum we find first-class ecological hotels, native to the place whose traditional dances fill the atmosphere with harmony and color, as well as excellent cuisine and nightlife; ideal for weddings and of course for a romantic honeymoon, aside from the fact that in the town we find restaurants and artisans who trade with their products.

Nowadays and thanks to the great diffusion in social networks, Tulum is considered as an ecological point that attracts people from all over the world and has positioned itself in the market as one of the most Chic areas in which the theme is love for the nature, tranquility, and beauty of the beach and the cenotes.

We believe that for all the above, thinking of Tulum as a wedding destination is a great idea, because, in Maharani shaadi Wedding Films we have the best destination wedding filmmakers/cinematographers. Cenotes and beaches are splendid locations for our state-of-the-art technology consisting of 4K cameras; high-end lenses used in Hollywood and the latest technology drones.

Tulum stands out as a spectacular wedding destination in which the bride and groom will live a paradisiacal experience, while our team performs the best wedding cinematography.