You’ll find the most romantic destination for wedding cinematography

A tourist destination of worldwide interest for the beauty of its beaches on the coast of the Pacific, its ecological areas and its high mountains; for the old colonial buildings at Centro Histórico, which have been the Patrimonio Cultural Del Estado de Jalisco in Mexico since 2018.

The city, divided into zones: North (Nuevo Vallarta); South, where are the beautiful white sand beaches, rocky shores and emerald water, typical of the Pacific Ocean; Romantic Zone, where Viejo Vallarta is located, with its narrow streets, hotels, cafes, and bars; all unique scenarios, which make Puerto Vallarta a wedding destination, living up to Hollywood’s greatest cinematography.

Puerto Vallarta has driven into the world in the ‘60s thanks to the filming of the film “The Night of the Iguana” in which Richard Burton and Ava Gardner starred. These beaches of the Pacific Ocean coast, were still, in those years in anonymity in front of national and international tourism, but the film attracted the visit of journalists from all over the world, who were interested mainly in the presence of Elizabeth Taylor in the city, in Mismaloya Beach and Banderas Bay, wonderful environments that served as locations for this film.

The filming brought with it the cinematography production of others during the ‘70s, ‘80s and to this day, both from national and foreign directors, which attracted, from the first, the development of hotels, restaurants, and centers as well as many business ideas related to tourism.

This magical impulse brought to Puerto Vallarta the director John Houston and engineer Guillermo Wulff, who was originally from Mexico City and an entrepreneur in town, is still imprinted in the hearts of its people and has left a halo of romanticism since that time, because the couple of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor was famous as one of the most romantic couples in Hollywood cinema.

Puerto Vallarta is a favorite destination for the cinematographic weddings, its beaches, rivers and old buildings, and also the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which rises in the Centro Histórico is the ideal scenario for the recording of cinematic videos of Religious Weddings.

Ideal to give to your guests a place that you will always remember linked to the time when you as a couple choose to take the big step.

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