Make your wedding under the blue sky of the Zapotecas and Mixtecas in an eclectic atmosphere.

The State of Oaxaca is located between the States of Guerrero, Puebla, Veracruz, Chiapas and the Pacific Ocean and occupies the fifth place in territorial extension between the states of the Mexican Republic, offering its visitors 8 regions, which are part of an internal subdivision, each one with its own biodiversity, uses and customs, which makes this destination of incomparable beauty, a wide range of wonderful scenario options for getting married and have the best wedding cinematographic video.

Under a pretty blue sky with white clouds, and between mountains, extends the city of Oaxaca, which besides being the state capital, belongs to the Region of Los Valles Centrales, among which are also El Valle de Etla, El Valle de Tlacolula y el Valle de Zimatlán-Ocotlán.


Oaxaca is appreciated for its rich traditions, gastronomy, art and the multiplicity of artisans who offer their products in the markets, among which are pieces of art, huipiles and embroidered blouses, alebrijes, rebozos, tapetes, bags made with natural fibers, palm tenates and petates.