Think about Merida like sumptuous Haciendas to marry within the vast Yucatecan tradition surrounded by distinction and elegance.

It is said that “Yucatán is the door to the Mayan world and Mérida, the world capital of the guayabera”, that despite not having been created by the Yucatecans, but it was brought by them from Cuba, becoming from a workpiece of clothing for the peasants to an elegant piece of clothing for political and social events, like weddings.

Impressive and majestic, the white Mérida, capital of the State of Yucatán, extends in a plain located in the Southeast of the Mexican Republic, 32.8084 feet above sea level.

Mérida is a city in which the white color stands out, we frequently find this color both on the facades of houses and buildings, in which a range of very soft pastel colors, like pink, blue and green and details of red color, characteristic of the land that makes up the Yucatecan soil, as well as, in the traditional Yucatecan clothing that people from Mérida wears every day.

The city of Mérida has music, gastronomy, history, architecture and Mayan tradition, all these ideal elements to be considered as the best city destination for civil and religious wedding, in the Mexican Southeast, the shots that a wedding videographer or photographer can take, both, at the Haciendas or churches are just beautiful.

Mérida is clean and owns a beautiful intense blue in its skies, cloud clear. This besides the air, the streets and the people that are equally clean as well, thanks to the care and the cleaning of the city and their selves, wonderful scenarios for videography and cinematography of your wedding, as well as the hospitality of its people.


Although the term of white city proceeds from a struggle at the time of the conquest, in which some Mayans groups against the Spanish, in which this last, always won the territory of the city, because they had weapons, canyons and horses, that is why the vicinity and visitors defined the city as belonging to the “white” people. Was Porfirio Diaz in 1906, who referred to the city as white, for its order and cleanliness, which if it, will be a museum.