When will our movie be delivered to us?

The delivery time is estimated around 4 to 6 months after the wedding, the reason of this is because all the films are edited considering specifics based on the couple’s likes; music, special specific moments, etc. Postproduction is a creative process that we consider very important to get to deliver a high-quality wedding film like all the other in our portfolio… There are unique productions for each couple.

Do you arrive early at the venue to choose the best shots?

Unlike photography, for us one of the most important things is to have the day history, this means to have time before the First Look, to be able to shoot drone scenes and things such as people, landscapes and moments prior to the reception, ceremony, and party. We request a minimum of 2 hours prior to the First Look or Wedding Session.

How many people will be shooting our wedding and what kind of gear will they use?

We know that during the wedding day many feelings and special moments will happen, this is why for us is always important to have a minimum of 3 people shooting, so we are 100% sure that all of those magical and unique moments will be preserved in your wedding film forever.

Do we have to consider food and drinks for your team?

Yes please! We know how important is to record all the moments during your wedding, that’s why our coverage is very wide. If the case is a general meal during the party, we usually take that same time to eat, since it’s usually a moment where there are no things that need to be documented.

How can we block our wedding date?

To book us it’s necessary to sign a digital contract that we’ll send you once we set the terms and style of the job. You’ll have to sign it and we’ll keep a copy of it, after this a 30% advance payment has to be done to formally block your date and assure the coverage of your wedding.

With how much time in advance do we have to book our wedding date?

You can book whenever you’re ready and sure about our services. Most of the couples book us within 1 or 2 years before the wedding date, to guarantee the hole-day coverage and to take special prices and/or discounts at the moment of signing the contract, even if their wedding will be taking place in another year