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Quality and Guarantee for the Experience of creating memories since 2002, Starting at South Asian Weddings since 2009 with a cinematographic style

Discover the passion and art for wedding photography and video by specialists in Wedding Cinematography, and the most Creative photographer in the Riviera Maya.

More than a simple video is a movie of your own wedding; More than a simple click of photography is a memory.

Welcome to MaharaniShaadi.com, with us you will find cinematic style wedding movies, get the best memory and something unique, as well as the best memory of the day of your life as a couple.

Our team of experts dedicated to weddings uses the state-of-the-art SONY 4K equipment, in order to capture all the emotions, each one of the details, capturing in video and photos the unrepeatable scenes that will happen on your big day! State-of-the-art drones, 4K cameras, high-end Hollywood-used lenses and stabilizers, as well as state-of-the-art audio equipment will record your ceremony to give you a gift that you will treasure for the rest of your life.


The Wedding day is special, in a real movie it is the climax, and we know that it is the beginning of a life Together, our Vision will inspire your children, and later grandchildren to believe in love, through our films and photographs of the great day, your wedding day.


Our Mission is very simple, create memories through your own story, creating a Movie of the best day of your life, where the main protagonists are you and all your relatives, our Wedding Film experts will be available at all times to capture the magic that is in South Asian weddings, their traditions, customs, but above all the fun of each event. Get a Bollywood style movie

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