South Asian Weddings in Mexico

South Asian destination weddings are a growing trend here in Mexico, with very specific areas like Cancun or Tulum being right at the top of the list. And there really is no wondering why; with bright blue waters and gleaming white stretches of sand, it makes perfect sense that Mexico is the wedding paradise of the World! South Asian bridal parties are increasingly finding that to hold their South Asian wedding parties in Mexico sets them above the ordinary – and starts their marriage on the perfect note!

Is There a Difference?

There is a difference between Indian weddings and South Asian Weddings, though India is a part of South Asia too. Both forms of South Asian Weddings in Mexico have a few major factors in common – they’re filled with traditions, rituals, love and religion. Color and festivities feature high on the list of priorities when it comes to the ultimate celebration of love, but the key factor to note is the difference in religions. So even though there are many similarities and the weddings do run side-by-side with many parallels, the difference is in the religion of the South Asian Bridal party.

Tell us more!

South Asian weddings are designed to reflect the color and vibrancy of life. As much as it is a celebration of love, it is also a celebration of family. In times gone by, neighbours and the entire community would pull together and join in the celebrations which would last for days, filled with traditions and rituals that have been passed down through the generations to where we find ourselves today. There are a number of important ceremonies that form an integral part of the South Asian weddings we know today.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies.

Pre-wedding ceremonies differ slightly from area to area depending on the region and the religion of the bridal party. Most of these prewedding celebrations are attending only by close family, but some do include the friends of the bride. Most events will include some form of delicious refreshment.

The end of the search. This is a first step towards solidifying a relationship, a ceremony that formally marks the beginning of a lasting relationship between the families. Traditionally small gifts are exchanged as a symbolic welcoming of the new member of the family. Gifts will be items like jewellery and clothes, and often sweets are included.

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