Amid a lush green jungle and overlooking the coast, Hotel Mousai is an extravagant wedding venue in Puerto Vallarta. Its stunning infinity rooftop pool offers unparalleled views of the Pacific coastline and nearby bays. Puerto Vallarta weddings certainly boast an idyllic landscape. No wonder that Sherry and Rooz chose this luxury hotel for their dazzling and energetic wedding. The newlyweds maximized their photo time. By combining a “First look” before the wedding followed by a portrait session on the beach after the ceremony. As a result, their collection combines portraits photos on the hotel grounds as well as the beach.


Their Persian wedding ceremony by the sea while the sun was setting in the background. Certainly a picture perfect combination. The bridal party entered the ceremony with unique dances. Alluring the wedding guests before the bride arrived and was accompanied by both parents down the aisle. Their wedding reception was hosted in the upper part of Hotel Mousai. A personalized dance floor and a remarkably large floral-decorated chandelier hanging above the centre. To summarize, I was honoured to be hired by Sherry and Rooz as their Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer. Indeed, I have the pleasure of sharing with you a visual summary of their wedding day.

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